Integrated Crop Management (ICM), of which Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a part, is fast becoming a required strategy for production in most crops, including those in the arable sector. The pressure to adopt ICM strategies has come from a number of directions, including consumers and food retailers, and IPM featured as a requirement for future product registration in the revision of the European Plant Protection Regulation.

Growers are also increasingly aware of the need to steward the environment and a sustainable approach to crop production is a key factor in their decision-making. Certis products fit well within many IPM systems, not only in protected crops,where beneficial insects from BCP Certis play an important role in pest control, but also in top fruit and vegetables where products such as Bt insecticides and Cyd-X, a virus product that controls Codling Moth in apples, can help growers achieve high quality standards and manage residue levels of conventional chemicals.