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New closed transfer system for sprout suppressant

A new time-saving closed transfer system will enable growers to maximise the area covered when conditions are just right for application of sprout suppressant maleic hydrazide.

closed transfer system close up

Wisdom Systems has been working with Certis to help deliver their liquid maleic hydrazide product Crown MH from 600L IBCs to sprayers much quicker than is possible with 5kg packs of granular formulations that are prone to foaming.

Richard Garnett of Wisdom Systems says many sprayer operators will already be familiar with the FasTran 850 CTS: “It is widely used to deliver and meter products such as glyphosate and micronutrients from IBCs into the sprayer’s chemical induction system.

“With traditional packaging and open pouring, we estimate that the average large sprayer takes about 10 minutes to fill with water and another half an hour to put all the product in the tank.

“Our system fills the sprayer with water and the required amount of Crown MH at the same time to save that half an hour per fill-up and enable operators to apply an extra one to two loads per day.”

The system also greatly reduces operator exposure risk and eliminates waste packaging as suppliers collect and recycle the IBCs free of charge. 

See the system in action here.   

Maleic hydrazide ‘just right’ application conditions

  • Apply to healthy, unstressed plants
  • Crop foliage should be dry and no rain forecast for 24 hrs
  • Spray on a cool day (<26C) when RH is at least 50%
  • Apply three to five weeks prior to haulm destruction