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With planting starting around the country, nematicide applications are no doubt at the forefront of many growers' minds.

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Where active powdery mildew is present in susceptible cereal crops, growers are advised to include a specific mildewicide in T0 fungicide applications...

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Carrot yields were down by 15 to 30% this year at harvest due to environmental challenges faced throughout the growing season and free living nematode...

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With wet weather setting in, a new emergency approval for Cuprokylt in apples and pears has been granted at a key time of the season for protection...

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With wet weather about, growers should be prepared to act quickly to protect scars left on trees post-harvest, from infection.

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A report from the AMBER project trial on Western Flower Thrip (WFT) control in protected ornamentals, has shown significant reductions in pest numbers...

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Growers are being urged to monitor protected poinsettia crops closely for whitefly as the pests seek refuge indoors due to the recent drop in outdoor...

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Following a season which saw the lowest average wheat yields in five years, growers are being reminded to do everything they can to reduce the impact...

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