Biorationals - a key tool in IPM


Biorationals are a key component of any grower’s armoury, so understanding how they can work together in harmony with conventional crop production methods is vital.

How can biorationals be used alongside conventional products?

Conventional chemistry and biorationals can be used in conjunction within an integrated pest management (IPM) strategy, however it’s important to understand compatibility between them and how they interact together.

As part of a true IPM approach, cultural controls are vital. Factors such as safeguarding the natural pest enemies already present within the crop production environment, can significantly contribute towards pest reduction.

When should biorationals be used?

Biorationals perform best when used as part of a proactive and preventative approach, before pest pressures get too high.

To get the most from them, vigilant monitoring and regular crop walking should take place as they need to be used holistically.

Key considerations:

  • Optimum performance is dependent on timing, environmental conditions and application techniques
  • Understanding pest history on farm and regular monitoring are important
  • Use the right tool for the right pest, for example: A mixture of Botanigard and Eradicoat or Majestik effectively targets all stages of whitefly to optimise efficacy

For more information on how to include biorationals in your IPM approach contact us.