Cuprokylt emergency authorisation reminder for stone fruit


With this summer seeing wet and dull conditions so far, an emergency authorisation for the use of Cuprokylt (copper oxychloride) on cherries, plums and apricots comes at the perfect time to protect trees from bacterial canker infections.

As stone fruit is picked, the number of open wounds and bruises on the tree increase, and with this the number of entry points for bacterial infections. This, together with the good yield performance, puts orchards under considerable pressure.

Therefore, it’s crucial to protect the trees by treating to stop bacterial infections taking hold, before it’s too late.

Once applied to the tree, Cuprokylt will help to seal any wounds while acting as a broad-spectrum bactericide to reduce the risk of infection by controlling any bacteria present in the orchards and preventing further dispersal.

How to get the most out of Cuprokylt

  • Time applications according to weather conditions – infection levels will be increased on any rainy and dull days which are followed by warm temperatures and humid conditions
  • Act now – time applications before trees go into dormancy while they are still going through the physiological processes of storing sugars in the wood