Investigation into the effects of ferric phosphate


Geoffrey Bastard, Regional Technical Specialist at Certis, highlights the importance of understanding the difference in slug behaviour when using a ferric phosphate based pellet, such as Sluxx HP.

“With metaldehyde, growers are used to seeing dead slugs and slime trails on the surface. However, ferric phosphate works differently. Recent research has shown that once slugs ingest ferric phosphate they retreat below ground to die.” 

The study, conducted by Harper Adams University, showed that 50 to 60% of slugs who had ingested ferric phosphate pellets retreated below the soil surface, within the first 24 hours, and after two to three days, virtually every slug had died below the surface.

“Understanding slug behaviour and planning ahead, will be key to staying on top of the pest for the 2018/19 season,” he says.

To watch a video on the trial results click here.