Spruzit re-approved for wide range of crops


Spruzit is the first insecticide containing natural pyrethroids to be re-registered under the new EU 1107 Regulations following a recent review, retaining its approval for use on a wide range of protected and outdoor crops.

Spruzit has a new label from 1 October 2018, which includes a change in the number of applications and more specific crop use recommendations under the new MAPP number 18434.


Spruzit offers growers another tool in the armoury for anti-resistance management due to a high concentration of refined rapeseed oil in the formulation and low concentrations of natural pyrethrins.
Rapeseed oil by itself is not a single compound but a mixture of triglyceride fatty acids which have a physical mode of action on pests. 

The natural pyrethrins have lower levels of persistence compared to synthetic pyrethroids, breaking down within 24 hours, providing less interference with macrobiological establishment and the natural enemies of the pest.

Spruzit for aphid control

Spruzit provides protection against sap-sucking insects with a contact mode of action, which reduces pests’ ability to breathe and slows down their metabolism.

It also offers good spreadability when sprayed and reaches hard to target areas, such as plant crowns (heads) and leaf crinkles, where aphids typically reside. It also acts as a barrier to the spread of viruses by aphids.

Although aphid numbers are currently low, Certis’ IPM Manager, Selchuk Kurtev, advises growers to remain vigilant to the pests’ presence, particularly on baby leaf, brassica and root vegetable crops, where they can rapidly re-populate if left uncontrolled.

Top tips for aphid control

• Daily crop monitoring is crucial to spot aphid numbers early. Pay particular attention to the underside of leaves and inside leaf crinkles

• Introduce macrobiologicals to the crop. Aphids have numerous natural enemies, such as parasitic wasps, predatory midges, ladybirds and lacewings

• Apply mesh netting to deter aphids from landing on your crop but don’t rely on this control method as any damage to the mesh can create entry points

• Apply Spruzit as soon as you see aphids on your crop. Be sure to check the new label for the correct number of applications and rates

Spruzit benefits

• Quick knockdown of target pests 

• Does not contain PBO (piperonyl butoxide)                

• Contains both natural pyrethrins and natural oil                   

• Oil content aids virus reduction and has a physical impact on pests            

• Organically approved and IPM compatible