Think ahead for better PCN control


As harvest is well underway in some places starting three weeks earlier than last year, it’s time to think ahead to next season, and put plans in place for early Potato Cyst Nematode (PCN) control.

David Hildred of Boston Crop Sprayers, who has been applying soil sterilants for over 25 years, urges growers to consider metam-sodium applications now, to minimise PCN populations before spring planting.

“As soil temperatures have to be 10 degrees or above with moisture present, for optimal metam-sodium application, directly after harvest is the best time to apply the product, so growers need to be thinking about it now.”

A secure solution

“Many growers only use metam-sodium when their PCN egg counts are high, as they wouldn’t get the level of control required from nematicides alone, but it’s important to understand that even at lower counts there is a possibility of a pay back from using the product.

“We have many repeat customers who have really benefitted from the product,” he adds.

“Therefore, a metam-sodium application is a great solution this season to ensure that crops are going into optimum soil conditions ahead of spring planting.”

Getting the most out of metam-sodium

  • Speak to your agronomist about PCN egg count sampling to assess population levels before application
  • Ensure conditions are right – the soil must be moist for optimum effects, so if soil conditions are dry, irrigate the land ahead of treatment
  • If applying to stubble land, plough and press ahead of the soil steriliser machine in order to bring up moisture and ensure effective application

For more information on metam-sodium speak to Boston Crop Sprayers today.