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HSE has issued an EAMU for the use of Certis’ insecticide Gazelle SG (acetamiprid) for the control of virus transmitting aphids and cabbage root fly in a range of root crops.

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Certis’ insecticide InSyst (acetamiprid) has been authorised for the reduction of beet yellows virus complex via the control of the principle virus vector, peach-potato aphid (Myzus persicae).

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Following work by BBRO, manufacturer Ecospray and distributor Certis Europe, authorisation for NEMguard DE in sugar beet has been issued by the Health and Safety Executive.

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Dry rot risk is high in Scotland this year and seed potato growers are being urged to apply tuber treatments as early as possible to prevent disease progression in store.

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As certified and home-saved seed deliveries ramp up, growers are urged to select a cereal seed dressing with the right disease control strengths for the relevant threats.

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Early drilled oilseed rape crops will be established over the next fortnight and growers are urged to be proactive in their defence against slug attack after recent rains heightened risk.

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Appreciating the advantages of different sized slug pellets and using tools such as the Calibration Wizard when switching between these products will optimise slug control this autumn.

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With new crop wheat trading at a healthy £160 to £170 per tonne second wheats are looking an attractive prospect for 2021/22 cropping plans.

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Certis UK has been working with Wisdom Systems, to help deliver liquid maleic hydrazide Crown MH from 600L IBCs to sprayers much quicker than is possible with granular formulations.

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SluxxHP with its unique patented formula and Ferric Field Technology mark of quality offers all the characteristics for slug control. Whatever the weather.

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Dr Matt Back of Harper Adams University, talks about some useful tips for minimizing the risk of Rhizoctonia damage in seed potatoes.