Investigation into the effects of ferric phosphate

Geoffrey Bastard, Regional Technical Specialist at Certis highlights the importance of understanding the difference in slug behaviour when using a ferric phosphate based pellet, such as Sluxx HP.


Traditional insecticide returns for whitefly control in protected ornamentals

A modernised version of a traditional insecticide has returned to the market to help protected ornamental growers control glasshouse and tobacco whitefly.


Be on alert for tomato russet mites

Microscopic tomato russet mite is becoming more common in UK glasshouses, feeding on stems, leaves and fruit, causing damage that renders produce unsalable.


Thrips control in strawberries

Thrips can severely affect strawberry crop quality and yield during summer months, favouring temperatures between 20 - 30°C and continually reproducing during a life-cycle that lasts two to three weeks.


Start fungicide programmes now to beat potato blight this season

Potato growers should start fungicide programmes now and ensure they have considered fungicide resistance management to stay on top of key diseases.

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