Be on alert for whitefly in poinsettias

Growers are being urged to monitor protected poinsettia crops closely for whitefly as the pests seek refuge indoors due to the recent drop in outdoor temperatures, according to one large scale ornamental grower.


Cover crop trials provide insight into slug activity

Contrary to popular perception that cover crops can further increase slug pressure over the winter period leading to problems with spring crops, a recent trial undertaken by Natural England has shown otherwise.


100% of thrips eliminated in AMBER project trial

Pests are becoming notoriously more difficult to control in horticultural crops, showing increasing resistance to traditional, conventional chemistry. However, the introduction of macrobiologicals offers an additional tool for effective control strategies.


Spruzit re-approved for wide range of crops

Spruzit is the first insecticide containing natural pyrethroids to be re-registered under the new EU 1107 Regulations following a recent review, retaining its approval for use on a wide range of protected and outdoor crops.


Storage could ‘make or break’ crop quality

The challenging weather experienced this summer has affected potato yield and quality, but there is still much to be gained through monitoring and close attention to detail as crops go into store.

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