New tool for powdery mildew control

Powdery mildew is notorious for impacting yield and fruit quality, and with limited control options available, the announcement of a new bio-fungicide for control of the disease is understandably welcomed.


Stay alert for sclerotinia infection

Staying alert to signs of sclerotinia infection will be key to maintaining OSR yield and quality, as current weather conditions are conducive to the disease.


Be aware of the take-all risk this season

Now is the time to monitor wheat crops for signs of take-all, with information on this season’s incidence key to formulating a strategy to reduce its impact in following crops.


Stay alert for disease pressure in cereal crops

Although cereal crops are behind the curve this season, it’s important to continue to monitor them over the next few weeks as disease pressure could build.


New herbicide for weed control

A new herbicide for broad spectrum weed control has been launched providing fruit growers with an alternative option for control this season.

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