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Maleic Hydrazide animal feeding restriction lifted

We are pleased to announce that CRD have lifted the animal feed restriction on new label maleic hydrazide, with immediate effect.

The restriction was included in the renewed conditions of the approval because of concerns over potential risks to consumers from the metabolite 3-pyridazinone.  The conclusion of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) of June 2016 found no evidence that this metabolite would pose a health risk. Rather, there were insufficient data to conclude definitively that there is no risk. The challenge has been to generate new data to enable the assessment to be completed, which was undertaken, submitted and assessment made by the regulatory authorities.

The outcome is that after reviewing the newly submitted data by CRD, it was considered that neither maleic hydrazide nor 3-pyridazinone raise concerns. The risk assessment concludes that there are no safety concerns for consumers from the metabolite so there is no benefit from imposing the livestock feeding restriction on products containing maleic hydrazide.

CRD has now issued an amendment to all existing authorizations for maleic hydrazide containing products, removing the requirement to have the “feeding restriction”.

Positive news for the potato industry. More information on our maleic hydrazide Crown MH can be found here.