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Managing slug pressure during harvest

Keeping on top of slugs in the run up to potato harvest can be a challenge for growers, especially in cases where there has been a delay in harvest after desiccation.

Growers should be mindful that slugs can thrive when there is no leaf canopy to protect the crop. This, combined with heavy rainfall and reports of increased slug populations this year, mean that good slug control at harvest is paramount.

Top tips for slug control during harvest:

Attention to detail

During harvest focus on your attention to detail – keep monitoring slug pressure with slug traps and field walking.

Consistency is key

Using reliable slug control methods is important throughout the season, right up until the potatoes are lifted. Remember, using a ferric phosphate pellet such as Sluxx HP gives you the flexibility of a zero-day harvest interval, so you can treat right up until the harvester goes in.

If using metaldehyde slug pellets growers must also remember to comply with the Get Pelletwise guidelines and recommended dosage rates on the product label, the Certis range labels are available on our website.

Prioritise problem areas

Focus on harvesting the known ‘problem areas’ of the field first. Sections that are prone to becoming waterlogged, or where slugs have historically been an issue should be prioritised.

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