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New fungicide for powdery mildew control in cucumbers

A new fungicide to control powdery mildew in cucumber, courgette, melon and summer squash has been launched by Certis.

During the trial Takumi SC showed excellent efficacy on powdery mildew in cucumbers versus untreated plants
All varieties treated with Takumi SC during the trial showed no damage following treatment.

A new fungicide to control powdery mildew in cucumber, courgette, melon and summer squash has been launched by Certis. Takumi SC, which contains a new active ingredient cyflufenamid, and a novel mode of action, provides a desperately needed solution against the damaging powdery mildew infection.
“There have been very few options to control powdery mildew over the last couple of years,” says Alan Horgan, Certis’ technical officer. “The launch of Takumi SC, a mildewicide which is approved for use on both indoor and outdoor cucumber, courgette, melon and summer squash crops, is very positive for growers and trials have shown it has excellent efficacy on powdery mildew,” he adds.
Marco Caffarelli, a cucumber grower from Ely, Cambridgeshire, participated in a trial of Takumi SC and observed strong results. He used the product on three varieties; Bon Bon, Prolog and Aviance at an equivalent rate of 15 ml/100 litres. “It had excellent efficacy on powdery mildew with no damage,” says Marco.   He has also used it on Aviance at double this concentration, at a rate of 30ml/100 litres. “Again there was no damage and I noticed an extra benefit on drying up myco.”
Having been faced with stunted plants and reduced yields due to powdery mildew, and limited treatment options, Marco is relieved to have found a new solution to the disease. “A product to control powdery mildew is to be welcomed in today’s challenging UK cucumber growing industry. For the last two years there have been limited options to control the disease due to previously available options having been revoked, or resistance amongst plants occurring. This product is badly needed,” he states.
Takumi SC has both preventative and curative activity with translaminar movement which gives long term protection on treated leaves. “In low disease pressure consider a 15ml/100 litres application rate, and under high pressure consider using 30ml / 100 litres concentration to control primary infection,” advises Alan Horgan and he emphasised that “The wide water volume range allows this flexibility as long as growers do not exceed a total individual dose of 150 ml/ha”
In addition, Takumi SC has good crop safety with a short harvest interval of one day, and is rainfast within one hour. Alan explains that with only two applications per crop available to growers it is best to use it in a programmed approach. “I would advise using the first treatment early, at first sign of disease and to remove any further sources of powdery mildew, then follow with a second treatment later on in the crop growing cycle when disease pressure is high as a backup treatment, near to harvest.” “Takumi SC is also well placed to fit in with an IPM programme,” Alan adds.
For more information please contact the Certis technical hotline on 0845 3730305.