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New mildewicide welcomed after high pressure season

New mildewicide product, Cosine, approved for powdery mildew control in apples and pears will give growers access to much needed new chemistry for use within their treatment programme this spring, believes Certis’ Dr Tudor Dawkins.

Cosine, containing cyflufenamid, is approved for use throughout the critical powdery mildew period. “It offers growers excellent protectant as well as curative activity to help prevent the spread of the disease as well as tackle existing infections when used at the label rate of 0.5L/ha,” says Dr Dawkins.   

“With a high likelihood of significant disease carryover after last year’s high pressure season, the availability of this new alternative chemistry is of real significance,” he believes. “Particularly given the otherwise limited options for mildew control in top fruit and the need to adopt a programmed approach using a range of treatments,” notes Dr Dawkins.

“From results seen last season where Cosine was introduced towards the end of the growing season it has been shown to perform well, doing an excellent job of preventing and controlling any existing secondary mildew infection – helping to reduce the disease burden,” he comments.

He points out that Cosine’s label offers flexibility to use the product much earlier in the season, “It’s an opportunity which we didn’t have last year due to the timing of registration.

“Cosine can be applied from the green cluster stage until the cessation of growth, providing a 28 day harvest interval is observed and no more than two applications are made per year,” advises Dr Dawkins.  “Rainfastness is achieved within one hour.”

Dr Dawkins explains that Cosine’s use early in the treatment programme will target and knock back any overwintering fungal bodies responsible for primary mildew infection. “Application should occur as soon as the first visible signs of infection are found, helping to prevent the spread of disease and initiation of secondary infection,” he advises. This takes full advantage of Cosine’s dual preventative and curative properties.”