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Pollen Beetle Alert!

Pollen Beetle found on oilseed rape in Cambridge

First populations of pollen beetle have been brought out following last weekend’s warm weather conditions, Certis are warning.

The alert comes following sighting of pollen beetles present on oilseed rape in Cambridgeshire on Monday.

“Whilst few crops have started to flower properly, the more advanced plants are already supporting populations of pollen beetles,” explains Certis’ technical Manager Dr Dawkins.

“Growers need to be vigilant and ensure that crops are protected against feeding damage caused by adults mining into flower buds to obtain pollen which can damage yield potential,” he advises.

Dr Dawkins points out that there is an increasing threat of pollen beetle resistance to pyrethroids in the UK.

“Trials have clearly confirmed the benefit of using neonicotinoid chemistry such as Insyst (acetamiprid) over pyrethroids” he notes.

“Insyst was the product of choice for many agronomists, last year, with good results,” he reports. “With oilseed rape still a valuable crop in its own right growers should afford it maximum protection from potentially serious insect damage.”