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Remain vigilant for rising aphid numbers

Growers are warned to stay alert for a potential sudden increase in aphid activity, after the unsettled weather which has so far delayed aphid flight activity this year.

According to the most recent AHDB aphid alert summary, although a marginal increase in activity has been recorded in recent weeks, total aphid numbers still remain relatively low for the time of year.  

However, it’s possible that aphids may still be present in potato crops as they head towards maturity, and with the hot weather seen recently, aphids could become an increasing threat for growers.

Top tips for monitoring and managing the threat from aphids:

  • Monitor – Click here to sign up to AHDB aphid alerts for instant SMS and e-mail alerts and weekly summaries on aphid activity in your region
  • Control – Sequences of two or more different aphicide modes of action are recommended to improve control and minimise the risk of resistance. Ideally one chemical component should have rapid knock-down effects, and the other translaminar properties  
  • Hygiene – For seed crops particularly, keep the surrounding area as virus-free as possible by controlling groundkeepers and volunteers which can host aphids

Stay alert for aphid activity to avoid potential yield losses to crops this season. For any questions on controlling aphids, please do get in touch.