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The area of second cereals is predicted to increase this autumn and growers are reminded of the need to manage soil-borne disease take-all in these crops to avoid significant yield loss.

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The UK climate provides a perfect environment for slugs to thrive and most arable farmers have an annual battle with the pest. Certis arable product manager Neil Beadle offers some useful advice on how to win...

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The common perception is that when growing winter barley, growers don’t need to use any control measures for soil-borne disease take-all.

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With chemical tools for managing slugs in arable crops being lost, there is more emphasis on cultural controls for reducing risk. We speak to a Yorkshire farmer who is combining good crop husbandry and...

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We are pleased to announce that CRD have lifted the animal feed restriction on new label maleic hydrazide, with immediate effect.


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This year’s early spring will increase the length of time that aphids pose a risk to key crops, such as carrots, where an extended period of activity by willow-carrot aphid (Cavariella aegopodii) and other...

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The risk of take-all is always present, the weather plays a key part in the prominence of the disease so the level of threat will vary greatly from year to year as will the control methods growers can employ to...

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The phenomenal growth in the area under vines in the UK over the past five years is even having an effect on land values. Strutt and Parker’s Farmland Market Review shows arable land prices flat-lining whilst...

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