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Recent trial results measuring the effect of various inputs on crop health, nutrition, take-all incidence and severity, have shed light on how to manage the often-overlooked disease in winter barley.

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Understanding the weed, pest and disease risks from the point of establishment, is key to protecting ultimate profit, according to experts speaking ahead of this year’s CropTec event.

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With uncertainty around the future of metaldehyde, more growers are making the switch to ferric phosphate for the flexibility it offers.

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Increasing numbers of slugs are being reported in various parts of the UK, and this trend is set to continue with agronomists anticipating a moderate-to-high slug pressure season.

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The extreme weather this season sparked interesting discussions at the James Hutton Institute’s Potatoes in Practice.

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Certis has welcomed Nick Badger to the business as UK Potato Product Manager.

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Above-average yield results for winter barley in the west have come as a welcome relief for farmers, following a drought that has adversely affected other crops such as wheat and OSR.

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A breakthrough emergency authorisation for Cuprokylt® provides the only fungicide available to organic potato growers for the control of late blight, at a key time of the season.

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Video Updates

Certis stewardship update

An update on the importance of product stewardship for the agricultural industry and why product stewardship matters to Certis

NEMgaurd DE

Introducing: NEMguard DE - A fully registered proven nematicide solution for carrot and parsnip growers

Botanigard WP Best Practice

This video will introduce you to Certis' new product Botanigard WP. It will cover the active ingredient Beauveria bassiana

Sluxx HP

Presented by Andy Alexander, this video considers the use and benefits of using Ferric Phosphate slug pellets on potato crops