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Mitsui & Co. Ltd. (Mitsui) has reached agreement to acquire a controlling interest in Belchim Crop Protection NV/SA (BCP) through Mitsui’s affiliate, Mitsui AgriScience International SA/NV (MASI).

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The focus of the Certis stand at BP2019 will be a new campaign to help the seed potato supply chain improve the health and quality of its tubers, 'Tubercare'. 

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Rhizoctonia solani – which causes yield-sapping stem and stolon canker and tuber skin blemishes such as black scurf – is now seen as one of the most important diseases for potato producers in fresh, seed and...

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In the first autumn without insecticide seed treatment Deter, growers should place added emphasis on seed-bed quality.

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Last year dry, hot weather persisted throughout the summer, suppressing slug levels in winter crops. This August was quite a contrast, with warmer wetter conditions dampening soil and potentially increasing...

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Much progress has been made in the area of potato seed health over recent decades, with seed producers now more knowledgeable and professional than ever before.


However, more can be done, and experts urge...

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Commonly known as ‘Myco’, the fungus Mycosphaerella melonis causes black stem rot, or gummy stem blight, on cucumbers and other cucurbits.

In the past outbreaks of the disease have caused economic damage, but...

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The area of second cereals is predicted to increase this autumn and growers are reminded of the need to manage soil-borne disease take-all in these crops to avoid significant yield loss.

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