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We look forward to meeting you

We look forward to meeting you

Career Opportunities

Why work for Certis Europe?

At Certis we believe it is our motivational work environment that positions us as an employer of choice, able to attract and retain high performing people and which is fundamental to our success. We actively support our people to develop their capability and attain their optimum level of performance and thereby realise their full potential.

This is very much appreciated by our colleagues, alongside the team spirit and the opportunity to do challenging and interesting work. Other elements that are rated very high in our annual survey are the authority that colleagues experience in their job and the link between performance and compensation.

Learning & Development at Certis Europe

In the modern constantly changing world we need to update our skills and knowledge continuously in order to stay up to date and keep up with new challenges. One of Certis’ core values is developing our people to reach their full potential, by actively supporting development of skills and capabilities. Certis Europe believes that the single greatest source of competitive advantage is its people and invests in giving them the right tools, environment and opportunities for growth.


At Certis Europe, Learning and Development is facilitated through a combination of methods like traditional classroom training, e-learning, learning on the job, mentoring, coaching and networking. Certis aims to enable its people to hold ownership of their development, actively initiate their learning and exchange knowledge with each other. In addition, Certis Europe invests in learning programmes which provide employees with the skills and knowledge to work effectively and motivationally towards functional excellence. At the same time, we believe that managers have a key role in people development and strive to ensure that line managers and the organisation as a whole promote and foster its employees’ development.



With a well-structured Induction Programme, Certis Europe offers a positive first experience for new employees and equips them with the necessary skills and tools to embark smoothly in Certis.

Furthermore, training on the Certis business tools is offered, in order to provide employees with the skills and knowledge to work effectively and motivationally in their jobs.

At the same time, every Certis employee has his or her own Development plan, which is discussed and created during the setting objectives in the Performance Development Review every year. The Development Plan contains development goals and action steps which offer an individual development path and defined opportunities to achieve it.

Learning and Development at Certis is a continuous process which is achieved via the Learning & Development Cycle: Identification of learning needs, design and/or delivery of learning solutions, evaluation and continuous improvement.

We believe that development never stops and encourage our employees to learn new skills constantly by offering the right environment to facilitate their development.

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