A granular soil sterilant containing 97% dazomet for use as a chemical sterilant for field and glasshouse soils.


A water management additive for composts containing (25% w/w) hetero-polysaccharide polymer, for improving the growth of plants in high water stress situations.


A powerful disinfectant containing (5% w/w) peroxyacetic acid, recognised as a food grade sanitiser with organic status, containing peroxyacetic acid, for the use in all areas of horticulture and agriculture for the disinfection of all surfaces including glasshouses, tools, pots, trays, benches, equipment, paths, buildings stores and irrigation systems.

Metam 510

A concentrated liquid soil sterilant containing 510 g/litre (42.0% w/w) metam-sodium. For use in glasshouse, nursery and other outdoor soils & potting soils.


A liquid concentrate adjuvant. Containing 70% 1,2 bis (2 -ethylhexyloxycorbonyl) ethanesulphonate, surfactants and fomulation improves for use as a wetter, spreader and extender.