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Gro-Stop Ready

Growth Regulants
Gro-Stop Ready

Growth Regulants

15109 (PCS 04828)

Gro-Stop Ready

An oil in water emulsion formulation containing 120 g /litre chlorpropham to prevent sprouting in dormant ware potatoes.

 For more information on best practice use, visit the 'Be CIPC compliant' website.

The CIPC Codes of Practice summary also has informative guidelines on CIPC use.

Skin Burn Index
The Skin Burn Index provides information on potato varieties and their sensitivity when treated with Gro-Stop Ready at harvest. Research has been conducted by Certis on a range of different potato varieties. Only those varieties have been included which have been tested for at least 2 different seasons. Sensitivity can vary depending on the growing season and harvesting conditions. The skin burn index is a tool to support decision making on the best use of sprout suppressants. Treatment at harvest will generally require much lower total dose of CIPC than treatment by fogging, but this advantage has to be carefully weighed versus the increased risk for reduced skin quality. More information can be found here.

January 2019  -  Chlorpropham Task Force Statement - An update can be found here, following the January SCoPAFF meeting on CIPC. 

  • Potatoes (Ware)


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