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What makes a good slug pellet?

Dr Gordon Port explains the characteristics that make a good quality and effective slug pellet, based on years of in-depth slug research and understanding of slug behaviour

Tubercare - Making Good Seed Better

Hear potato product manager, Nick Badger introduce our exciting new Tubercare initiative

Crown MH Grower Experience

Adam Palmer, a potato grower in The Fens, talks of his experience with using Crown MH last season

Ferric Phosphate - Slug Tracking Trial

Dr Keith Walters of Harper Adams University explains a study conducted with Certis on slug behaviour using slug tracking technology

Understanding Slug Behaviour

Hear all the facts you need to know about slug behaviour from Dr Gordon Port. Including most common species in UK crops and their feeding habits.

What makes SluxxHP different?

Neil Beadle explains what makes Sluxx HP such an effective, high quality slug pellet

Crown MH Best Use Guidance

Laurence Power advises on how to get the most out of using liquid maleic hydrazide, Crown MH

Stewardship Update

An update on the importance of product stewardship for the agricultural industry and why product stewardship matters to Certis