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Slug feeding on Sluxx HP pellet

Sluxx HP

Sluxx HP



Sluxx HP

Sluxx HP is a granular bait formulation containing 29.7 g/kg (2.97% w/w) ferric phosphate. 

With excellent anti-moulding properties, the deep blue pellet is highly efficacious against all relevant slug species. The bait technology used in Sluxx HP has a novel mode of action, feeding ceases immediately following consumption of the bait.

It should be noted that no excessive slime secretions will be evident either on or around the crop. As slugs usually retreat underground to die, there will not be any evidence of dead slugs.

Read more about slug control here.

  • All Edible Crops
  • All Non-Edible Crops
  • All Protected Crops
  • Amenity Vegetation


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Download our SlugWatch app to measure slug pressure in your area.

Developed in conjunction with Farming Online, the app provides the opportunity to view location-specific slug activity data, along with information on weather conditions, helping you to make informed decisions on slug monitoring and applying slug pellets.

Available to download for Android and IOS.

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Contrary to popular perception that cover crops can further increase slug pressure over the winter period leading to problems with spring crops, a recent trial undertaken by Natural England has shown otherwise.

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When wet weather hits, slug populations can emerge to cause damage that can be devastating to cereal crop establishment. When used as part of an IPM approach, applying slug pellets can be an effective method...

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With uncertainty around the future of metaldehyde, more growers are making the switch to ferric phosphate for the flexibility it offers.

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A recent Harper Adams University study will give growers a glimpse into the subterranean world to address common misconceptions of slug behaviour once ferric phosphate has been ingested.

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Find out more about Sluxx HP

Slug Tracking Trial

Certis UK regional technical specialist Geoffrey Bastard along with Professor Keith Walters of Harper Adams University explain how we investigated the behaviour of slugs once they have ingested ferric phosphate pellets

Sluxx HP

This video is presented by Andy Alexander, it considers the use and benefits of using Ferric Phosphate slug pellets on potato crops.

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