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Slug feeding on Sluxx HP pellet

Sluxx HP

Sluxx HP



Sluxx HP

Sluxx HP is a granular bait formulation containing 29.7 g/kg (2.97% w/w) ferric phosphate. 

The Sluxx HP formulation is the culmination of 10 years field experience and continuous product development. Growers and Agronomists have confidence in its performance and have made it the bestselling ferric phosphate pellet in the UK market. Our quality ferric phosphate formulation has a number of significant benefits which differentiates it from other pellets in the market and carries the Ferric Field Technology logo.

With excellent anti-moulding properties, the deep blue pellet is highly efficacious against all relevant slug species. The bait technology used in Sluxx HP has a novel mode of action, feeding ceases immediately following consumption of the bait. Slugs retreat underground to die, often there will not be any evidence of dead slugs so it is more effective to monitor the level of crop damage. 

Visit the Calibration Wizard - Take the hassle out of setting up your spreader. Our new online calibration tool can help you do it with ease. 

A whole host of other additional resources can be found on the Certis Slug Force hub. 




  • All Edible Crops
  • All Non-Edible Crops
  • All Protected Crops
  • Amenity Vegetation


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Slug Pellet Spreader Calibration Wizard 

Take the hassle out of setting up your spreader with our new online Calibration Wizard. Fine tune the application rate and forward speed with ease, for seamless spreader set up.

The Calibration Wizard is designed specifically to simplify machine set up for each pellet type - whether you're using a standard size pellet such as SluxxHP or switching to using our new high quality mini pellets. 

It's simple to use, with step by step selection of all variables needed. Select your pellet type, spreader, spread width and application rate. The Calibration Wizard will output recommendations for disc speed, feed rotor and aperture settings. Giving you a choice of appropriate forward speeds. 

Try it for yourself here.

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Appreciating the advantages of different sized slug pellets and using tools such as the Calibration Wizard when switching between these products will optimise slug control this autumn.

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With the future of metaldehyde still in doubt and its environmental credentials seen less favourably amongst growers and advisers, there is an increasing demand for ferric phosphate-based pellets for slug…

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A new online tool to help operators set up slug pellet applicators to accurately apply specific pellet products is now live.

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