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Take-all Control

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This module was originally created for the BASIS Online Classroom. CPD points may only be obtained through completion via the BASIS website, more information can be found here

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Useful Articles

Growers are reminded of the take-all disease threat to winter barley crops this autumn and to consider a specific seed treatment to protect yield.

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The rotational chaos, combined with a predicted fall in the oilseed rape area for harvest 2021, will inevitably see more land pencilled in for second or third cereal crops this autumn.

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With poor planting conditions in the autumn now continuing into the new year, a number of questions are being raised about the suitability of treated wheat seed from autumn 2019 for use in autumn 2020.

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The area of second cereals is predicted to increase this autumn and growers are reminded of the need to manage soil-borne disease take-all in these crops to avoid significant yield loss.

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